[WATCH] Good News Stories for Monday 6/24

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Pete Kelly

Monday, June 24th, 2024 2:05pm

Woman Raises $233,000 to Give 90-year-old Veteran Still Working in the Heat the Option to Retire (Good News Network)

A former news reporter met a 90-year-old Veteran pushing carts at a grocery store in Louisiana and shot a video which in turn raised over $233,000 in donations, blowing past her goal of $35,000. This money will finally allow him to retire if he chooses to!

Students Invent Leaf Blower Silencer Attachment–Corporation Expects to Be Selling Them Soon (Good News Network)

A group of engineering students have invented a smart silencer that can be attached to leaf blowers, reducing their noise by nearly 40%! These silencers can reduce noise without affecting the leaf blower's efficiency.

Sure, in the scheme of things this isn't going to revolutionize the world, but it shows that there are many problems that can be solved by ingenious solutions!

Lung Cancer Drug Elicits Unprecedented Results in New Trial (Good News Network)

In 2024, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. A new drug has been found greatly improve the survival rate of lung cancer based on results of a recent five-year phase III trial. 60% of patients were alive without any progression of the disease.

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