BREAKING: Police Standoff in Watervliet

NewsChannel 13 Video via Facebook

Reports of shots fired

Update 1/24 10/25am: Police say the loud pops were the sound of windows breaking as they sent drones into the building, according to NewsChannel 13. Nobody was found inside, though two additional suspects were arrested in connection with the incident. Police say a gun was also recovered in their investigation. 

Update 5:58pm: Two loud pops were just heard that the scene, though police tell NewsChannel 13 they were not gunshots. 

Update 5:16pm: Police tell CBS 6 the scene is secure and no one has been injured, but residents should expect a large police presence in the area for a while. 

Update 4:46pm: NewsChannel 13 reports that two people have been taken into custody, while negotiations are ongoing with another party involved

NewsChannel 13 is reporting a heavy police presence in the area of 2nd Street and 7th Avenue in Watervliet. Police tell NewsChannel 13's Kumi Tucker it is an armed standoff situation. There were reports of shots fired earlier in the day on 23rd Street between 2nd and 3rd and the current scene is related related to that incident. 

A number of police departments are on the scene, including Watervliet, Colonie, Menands and Green Island. Developing. 



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