Latest Storm Track Changes, Dropping Totals In The Capital Region


We might get a lot or we might not.

Looks like we were set to get a decent amount of snow starting just after Midnight tonight but thanks to the track of the storm shifting further South, it looks like we won't get as much as was first thought. However, if you live South of the Capital Region, there's a possibility that you could still see a anywhere from 6 inches to a foot. Possibly more. Regardless of where you live, the storm will impact your morning commute. Will there be delays or closings? They're possible but with this not being an exact science, it's best to just play that by ear.

For the Albany area, it would appear that we could see 3-4 inches, possibly less.

If you're wondering about school closings or delays for tomorrow morning, we'll have to wait and see. While delays seem like they could be definite nothing here is an exact science so whatever you do, don't plan on them.

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