Police Use Drone To Quickly Find Lost Watervilet Boy

News 10 ABC Story

The family of the boy is grateful that their son was found quickly.

Last week while walking home from school, Daishawa Wade was with friends and he wanted to walk along the Hudson River. While he was walking he slipped and fell into a ditch. 

Wade told News 10 ABC - 

“I’m pretty sure I fell asleep when I fell, and then when I woke up, I couldn’t get out of the ditch,”

When Daishawa's mother got home and couldn't find her son she knew that something was wrong. After searching all over Watervilet for him, she called the Watervilet police. They were able to get a ping on his cell phone and figured out that he was located North of 787, His mom was actually able to call him, once they powered his phone back on, and he told her that he was on the shore somewhere. 

Officer Eric Roy who is a Patrol Officer and PIO for the Watervilet Police, was able to deploy a thermal drone and within minutes they knew the exact location of Daishawa. The typical search would've taken hours. From having to call in State Police, get officers to the area, launch the boats into the river and even get a helicopter in the air. Instead, the thermal drone was able to locate Daishawa within 5 minutes.


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