Remarkable Hack So You'll Have The Ultimate Eclipse Experience


There are certain colors you should wear.

I'm sure by now you've heard that we are due to have a solar eclipse on April 8th? 

But did you know that there are certain colors that you should wear that can enhance your viewing experience? Yeah, neither did I but apparently there are.

Experts say that you should stay away from wearing neutral colors like black, brown, white or grey because you will "fade into the background". The colors that you should wear, according to the same experts, are red or green. That's right, Christmas colors. 

Gordon Telepun, the creator of the Solar Eclipse Timer, says - 

"The retina and your brain have an unbelievable range of light adaptation to continually adjust for the decrease in lightning and expose the surroundings to you. In this demonstration, I am simulating the Purkinje effect by decreasing the brightness, desaturating the reds and adding a little blue and green. This is the effect you look for and try to appreciate in your surroundings during the eclipse,"

So if you're planning on getting together with a large group of people to view the Solar Eclipse next month, you should make sure that you all wear either red or green. Actually, if we could get everyone to read this article maybe we can get all of those people to wear red and green and we can all have the ultimate viewing experience!


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