See the 'Wolf Moon' at an Exclusive Nature Walk

Gary Fultz, Unsplash

The next full moon is coming, experience it in a brand new way

The next full moon will happen on January 25th, which is known as the 'wolf moon'. The Old Farmers Almanac says it may have gotten its name  because it's around the time of the moon rise when wolves would be heard howling. 

Although you may not see wolves, you can be part of an exclusive group in Clifton Park to take in views of the celestial body from the natural surroundings of Kinns Road Park. The hour long event will take you on a hike through the park from approximately 5pm to 6pm. According to, January 25th will also be a great night to see Saturn and Jupiter from New York State. 

The event is open to all ages, however registration is required and space is limited. Let's hope for clear skies. Be sure to dress warm and bring headlamps and/or flashlights. 

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