Video of UFO Suddenly Appearing During The Eclipse Going Viral

Albert Antony on Unsplash

Did the aliens make an appearance during yesterday's eclipse?

While we had to deal with cloud coverage blocking out most of the eclipse here in the Capital Region, that was not the case everywhere. If you were in the North Country, Lake George or Schroon Lake for example, then you had a very good view of nature's solar show.

However, in other parts of the U.S. not only did they get to see the solar eclipse but they were also treated to something extra. 

There are videos popping up all over TikTok of a "UFO" zipping by the Sun while the eclipse was happening. While it's pretty difficult to see exactly what the object is that fly's by, there are some that say it was an alien ship.

Was it? Was it not? We have no idea but it was interesting, to say the least.


I know y’all just seen what went past the solar eclipse 🫢 #solareclipse #solareclipse2024 #eclipse #fyp #ufo #whatwasthat #wtf #alien #fypシ #fypシ゚viral

♬ wtf was that - Your Favorite Lightskin😻💕



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