Winter Weather Coming, What to Expect in the Capital Region

Michael Styne, Flickr Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED)

We thought spring was here

Update 5:55pm: The National Weather Service has updated the snow totals - and it's not great news. They say a cold front moving through the area will increase the amount of snow in the Capital Region and areas north. About 3-4 inches can be expected in the area surrounding Albany. A winter weather advisory is in effect. 

March is always the wildcard in the Northeast and even though spring officially began at 11pm on March 19th, winter doesn't want to go away quietly. 

Friday into Saturday the National Weather Service says while some areas to the north of the Capital Region could see up to a foot of snow, in and around the Albany area will likely see totals ranging from a coating to 3 inches. 

Snow may not be the biggest problem, though. There are reports that rain mixed with snow could lead to ice building up on trees and utility lines throughout the area, so it is possible there could be power outages. 

The National Weather Service has issued winter weather advisories and warnings for areas surrounding the Capital Region. 

feature photo: Michael Styne, Flickr Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED) Changes made: cropped, resized

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