Lakers Fan Tries Half Court Shot To Win $55,000 And Gets Hurt

Anthony, a Lakers Fan, was selected to try and make a $55,000 half court shot over the weekend at The Lakers game. To say that things didn't go as planned would be an understatement.

The half court shot is sponsored by Bet MGM and they've been building this jackpot up for a little while now. It's a progressive jackpot so for each person that misses the shot, the amount you can win goes up.

Now, here comes Anthony out on to the court, full of confidence, and he's ready to take home that $55 Grand! "This is what I do" he says and then puts up his shot. Did he make it? Why's he on his back? What did he do?

Ever hear the phrase "adding insult to injury"?  This is what it would look like if that phrase were to play out in front of you.

Feature photo: House of Highlights YouTube

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