Lil Jon Has A New Album Coming But It's Not What You Think




Pretty much those are the things you think of when you hear the name Lil Jon, right? Or maybe the "King of Crunk"? 

Apparently in his personal life though, Jon has been turning down a little bit. He's been very focused on getting healthy and working out. On top of that, he's been looking inward and meditating as well. As a matter of fact, he's so focused on meditation that he's going to be putting out a guided meditation album. 

I know you weren't expecting that, were you? The album is rumored to be coming out shortly after the Super Bowl. Why after? Rumor is that he's going to make a cameo during Usher's half time performance this Sunday, however that isn't confirmed. But if it's true, then there will be lots of talk about Lil Jon, his stock will be up and then BOOM he drops the album.

Feature photo: Reuters

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