"Mama Said Knock You" Out Dropped 33 Years Ago Today

Let's jump back into the time machine and try our best to remember what we were doing 33 years ago today when "Mama Said Knock You Out" was a brand new track from LL Cool J. 

For me, I was at Colonie High School, trying to make my way through the halls of the school and get to my next class on time. I still remember when I first heard the song. I wasn't a huge LL fan back then but I knew who he was and I knew the impact that he had on rap music and the hip hop culture. This song put him back into the "great MC" discussion as far as I'm concerned. He was dealing with people saying that he had fallen off or that he was only making "soft" records back then. He had gotten away from "Rock The Bells" and was moving more toward the "I Need Love" side of things when it came to music. I can tell you, when I heard that beat for the first time and he come in with "Don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years....." I was hooked and the song quickly became one of my favorites that was out at the time. 

In my opinion, this song helped LL solidify his GOAT status when it comes to rap music. The man is a legend, without question, but without "Mama Said Knock You Out" he might not have become as huge as he did after that song was dropped.

Then to follow it up with a video of him rockin' the MIC inside a boxing ring, him working out and shadow boxing? The song had the entire package. LL going hard in his verses, a beat that hit crazy hard and a visual that fit it all perfectly.

Feature photo: Reuters

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