Can You Help This 9 Year Old Fulfill Her Dream?

Photo From James Farrell

Sophia is hoping to go to the BMX World Finals in May.

Allow us to introduce you to 9 year old Sophia who is a competitive BMX racer and has qualified for the BMX Worlds. Those will be held this May in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

We would love to tell you all about Sophia's story but I figured we'd let her father James take care of that. Here's the email that he sent us that shares her story - 

My daughter Sophia races BMX. She is 9 years old and races in the 9 year old girls expert class. She started racing when she was 5 and has competed ever since. From then she has moved from novice class to expert class for girls. She is 1st in New York State , 1st in our district, and 3rd in the Northeast for 9 year old girls experts.Two weekends ago at the Blue Ridge Nationals in Lexington Virginia she qualified for the BMX Worlds. With that she now had the opportunity to race for and represent Team USA at the Worlds in May. Worlds is being held in Rock Hill South Carolina. We are trying to raise the funds needed to give her the opportunity to be able to compete and to represent the Red, White, and Blue

For those of us that have children that compete in anything, we all know that it can be very expensive. James is asking for your help if possible. He has started a GoFundMe for Sophia and her journey to Worlds. If you would like to help Sophia then you can CLICK HERE

Good luck Sophia, we cannot wait to see what you accomplish!



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