Close Call: Man Rescued After Falling Through Ice on Round Lake

Round Lake Fire Department via Facebook

Rescuers from several departments were on the scene to help

it was a tense morning on Friday as police, fire and EMT's responded to a call of a man who fell through the ice on Round Lake. The call came in around 8am. Paramedic Scott McNeff was first on the scene, he tells NewsChannel 13 the man had been in the water for nearly 30 minutes before he arrived. 

You just know he was in trouble. I mean, you could tell right away as soon as you went in there, he was done. He was screaming, he couldn’t hold on,

McNeff was able to get a rope to the man. Other rescuers arrived shortly after helped get the man out. 

Fire department, they did a good job getting to, getting down there with the guys and able to help extricate the guy from the ice.

The man was apparently fishing on the lake when he fell through. By the time rescuers arrived, he was still conscious but completely exhausted. He's expected to be ok. 



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