Saratoga Deli Owners Plead: "Stop Stealing Our Cat!"

Saratoga Broadway Deli via Facebook

Their feline has been 'catnapped' at least four times.

Dan and Jen Chessare, the owners of Saratoga Broadway Deli, have a problem. But it has nothing to do with their restaurant, it has to do with their beloved cat named Phil. Phil has been stolen from their yard four times. 

In a Facebook post Wednesday, the owners explained that Phil, who is an indoor/outdoor cat, was most recently the victim of another attempted abduction when they saw a woman scoop him up right in their yard. They tell the Daily Gazette

Literally, we looked out into the backyard the other day, and there’s just a woman walking across our backyard holding our cat. When my wife opened up the door and was like, ‘Hello, what are you doing with our cat?’ The woman was like, ‘Oh, he was just sitting in the woods, and he was cold.

Another time, somebody posted on the NextDoor App about finding a lost cat, which happened to be Phil. Neighbors chimed in about the cat belonging to Dan and Jen, but that person wound up giving it to somebody in Schenectady. Luckily, they were able to track Phil down and get him back. 

The puzzling part is that Phil wears a collar saying he's an indoor/outdoor cat and even has the Chessares' phone number on it. 

I get that some people might think that the cat escaped, and that’s fine, just call the number on the tag. 

Dan and Jen are considering getting an Apple Air Tag for Phil, so they can track his exact whereabouts in case this happens again. 

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