Watch As A Schalmont Student Receives A Remarkable Gift

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Shaeli Gravell was gifted a brand new bedroom.

When 13 year old Shaeli Gravell walked into the Large Group Instruction room yesterday at Schalmont Middle School she had no idea what was instore for her. At first she thought that she had possibly interrupted a school board meeting but that was not the case. What she has actually walked into was a room full of people, including the Bus Stop Club, who were waiting to surprise Shaeli with one amazing gift! Shaeli was awarded the Sibling Award which is the top honor that is given out by that non-profit organization. 

But wait there's more! She was also awarded with tickets to American Dream which is the largest indoor water park in the United States. Nope, not done yet. She was also shown a short video which revealed a group of volunteers from Old Brick Furniture redecorating her bedroom while she was at school. 

Shaeli is the youngest of 4 sisters. One of her older sisters was born with a primary immunodeficiency which needs frequent treatment at a hospital in Philadelphia. 

Erikka Gravell, Shaeli's mom told the Daily Gazette - 

“Everytime my daughter goes in for treatment, [Shaeli] is right there with us,” Erikka Gravell said. “This is really nice to have something for her.”

Since joining the Bus Stop Club, Shaeli has quickly become one of their leaders. She goes out of her way to welcome new members and has become an mentor to some of the others in the club as well. According to Executive Director Angela Tobin, that is what made her perfect for the Sibling Star Award.

Tobin told the Daily Gazette - 

 “We thought of Shaeli because of how kind she is, She puts everyone else before herself.”




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