When You Go To The Nicki Minaj Show At MSG And It's Really Amazing

D Scott

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024 10:39am

As if you need more reasons to listen to JAMZ 96.3, we're going to give you another one anyway. 

In early March we were the only station in Albany that was hooking someone up with tickets to see Nicki Minaj at MSG on March 30th. That lucky listener was Shaquana Stephenson from Troy. She got to experience Nicki live thanks to JAMZ and had an absolute blast! Monica opened the show and Nicki put on an amazing performance. Not to mention, Nicki surprised NYC with a special guest. 50 Cent made an appearance on stage with Nicki!

HUGE thank you to Shaquana for sharing her pics with us so that we can share them with you!



Like I said earlier, just another reason that you should be listening to JAMZ 96.3! 


Feature photo: Reuters

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