Annual 'Anything that Floats' Regatta Makes a Splash in Mechanicville this Sunday


You won't want to miss this!

Do mattresses float? How about a raft made out of cardboard? This is probably the greatest thing you will see this spring. And with the enormous amount of rain coupled with melting snow, it will make for raging waters along the Tenandeho creek in Mechanicville this Sunday. 

Every year, the city hosts the 'Anything That Floats' Regatta. Participants put together their own vessels made from, well, anything that may float. Sometimes they find out the hard way, 

No worries, EMT's and rescue workers from the surrounding area are present all along the creek just in case. 

This year's regatta begins Sunday afternoon at 2pm. It follows the equally popular white water derby, which starts at 12:45. 

Below are some pics and video from the 2023 regatta. 



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